What are the advantages of east facing villas

Published: 30th June 2010
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East Facing Plot
A north-east facing villas is best for all type of accommodation, whether a house or a business establishment. However, due care must be taken while deciding the construction of the interiors, i.e. rooms and placement of furniture etc. These rules differ with type of business and with establishments nearby your properties.
The road on the east side should be lower than the villas and the slope while constructing the building should be from south towards the east direction i.e. from the rear of the villas towards the front.
Open Space
Open space in the front of the villas should be more in comparison to the back side i.e. more space in the north-east than in the south-west.

Advantages of east facing villas
1. Wealth and progeny are assured for the houses having more open space in the east.
2. If there is room or verandah in the eastern portion of the house, prosperity and good health are assured.
3. If there is a main gate in east and there is open space in north, it is good sign.
4. Main doors in east ensure good results.
5. The east main gate having no open space in the north direction will not have any bad effects provided the house is built as per Vastu Sastra.
6. The height of the east wall of the house being less than the west wall results in good outcome.
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